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Opstandelsen brings the zombie apocalypse into the house of God.

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original title: Opstandelsen

genge: Action,Drama,Horror


imdb: 2.8

duration: 50min


budget: DKK 50,000

keywords: zombie, death, church, lowbudgetfilm, christianity, religion, gore, grief, blood









































Opstandelsen brings the zombie apocalypse into the house of God. Simon's three siblings gather at his funeral - where all hell breaks loose as the undead rise from their graves, driving the siblings down into the deep dark catacombs below the church. Surrounded by death, they now have to face the congregation of zombies in order to escape the house of God alive... Opstandelsen brings the zombie apocalypse into the house of God. I just saw this little gorefest in the shops and thought, well, just cashing in on the zombie hype still going on. But once I plugged it in the DVD player I came beware that we had something special. The director, Casper Haugegaard surely knows how to do things. When you have almost no budget then you will have to use the stuff you have and for him it was the location and the camera. For the location, it's a cellar under a church. So dark you can't see a zombie but he uses shaky shots to make it look real, remember Cloverfield and REC, and only uses the light on the camera to view things. Well, it worked out fine. The zombies are also a bit easily done, not like those Italian ones, but just some normal guys going crazy like in the British zombie flicks. The storyline doesn't make any sense but as so many zombie flicks, it's all about those little shockers. And they really do their work, it is messy and bloody and even sometimes gory. Due the fact that it clocks in at 50 minutes you can't really state that it is a full feature but surely one to pick up especially for the extras which are even better than the main feature, the director even made some music clips and let me say that Cephalic Carnage's Ohrwurm do has it all, nudity, blood and ultra gore, definitely not on youtube. And there is even another short available and worth watching, Kaeldermenneske. So if you come across this unknown feature, pick it up This is the second Danish zombie movie that I have watched, and I can't claim that either were overly impressive. I happened to come across "Opstandelsen" (aka "A Zombie Exorcism"), which is Danish for "The Rising", by sheer random luck, and being a zombie aficionado of course I just had to buy it.

I will say that the idea, despite its simplicity, was actually adequate. And as the director Casper Haugegaard said in the extras, that there is just something about having zombies in a church. Good concept idea, but the movie as a whole wasn't memorable.

The dialogue was almost not present, and what was there didn't really help to improve the movie much in any manner.

Now, what the movie had working for it was the gore. And while some of it wasn't great, gore is always good to have in a zombie movie. And there were also some gore parts which were really great.

The movie doesn't follow traditional zombie lore, as the zombies in the movie apparently could die by being stabbed through the Heart and the zombies were also fast, agile runners. Whether or not you like that is, of course, a matter of preference. I didn't though. No, I prefer the typical zombie lore; that zombies are slow shamblers that require brain trauma to be effectively put down.

The movie had moments of really questionable camera-work when the people (and zombies) were running in the basement passages underneath the church.

In overall, then "Opstandelsen" was a good-hearted attempt at a zombie movie that was ultimately a less than mediocre result.


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